Hi Christine and welcome to my blog. This week I’d like to ask you about research, and perhaps have you tell us about an interesting time you’ve had of it.
A spoke off Leicester Square, London. I approached the Ivy restaurant with caution and delight. Online research gave statistics and photos, but nothing can equal being there. The Ivy, my research uncovered is a haunt of celebrity; it’s staff well trained in discretion. Cracking this nut was going to be tough. A year’s wait not uncommon for reservations, it is one of those places, low key, unpretentious, bland exterior—the stuff of incognito.


My novel required just such a place for its Hollywood actor to court his lady. A dark corner, discreet staff, no autograph seekers to interrupt.

I approached the first line of defense. The front podium interrogation station, an intimidating oval of walnut raising the stern-faced hostess with pasted-on smile above all. No magic password, I used the ‘author doing research’ story—fanning a handful of bookmarks to crack her reserve. My American accent charmed.

“You may go as far as the Maitre de station, centre of the dining room” A nod of her chin directed me onward through the beveled glass swinging doors.”

Lit like the vestibule of a church, stained glass kept prying eyes from gaining access to the diners identity and warmed the wood paneled, linen-dressed room in ancient reverence.

Voices, like the drone of bees, hushed upon my entrance. Cloaked gazes of interest and query met my decidedly displace presence. Though I wore classic denim and smart blazer, I still stood out as foreign, maybe a celeb? To pull out a camera at this point would probably be met with arrest, so memory would have to serve. Not unlike one of those life-altering moments when reality outdoes the imagined, I etched the room onto my internal tin-type, leaving the faces blank.

I got what I needed to make the high romance of my novel effective, the staff got a jolly good story about the author from “Los Angeleez” and my small entourage of friends waiting curbside snickered all the way to a local pub.

Christine, you’re wonderful. I enjoyed this story so much. Thank you for your time and this wonderful insight into what lengths authors will go in regards to their research.

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Overworked, burnt out and sour on life, Scottish film star Cameron McClain nearly had to be hog tied by his manager to take a holiday at his secret escape destination on the Hawaiian North shore. Two lonelypeople overwhelmed by life…same time, same gorgeous locale. Reluctant guests alone on one of the world’s most beautiful islands—except they are not alone….

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