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Thank you for having me here today, Lynn! I’m looking forward to sharing some of my favourite moments from a couple of my books.

There are a lot of moments in Caress of Fur that I enjoyed writing. Mai spends so much of her energy battling fear and panic attacks, I couldn’t’ wait for her to have a bit of fun in her life.  Sometimes the best “light bulb” moments happen during the silliest moments. For Mai she has no idea that the man she’s with at a petting zoo is a shapeshifter.

They strolled through High Park, stopping at the petting zoo the park sponsored. He paid for some feed, and the two of them faced the ravages of crazed goats to feed them. Mai couldn’t remember a time she laughed so much.

That funniest part was the goats kept running away from him and would surround her. She tried to hand him the food, but they scattered no matter what they did. “What’s your cologne, Eau de Predator?” Mai teased him as the goats stampeded away from him for the fourth time. The look of surprise on his face made her laugh even harder.

 “All right that’s enough.”

Mai’s world literally turned upside down when he bent down and scooped her up over his shoulder as if she didn’t weigh a thing.

“Ah!” She laughed and smacked him on the lower back. “Put me down, you Neanderthal.” She braced her hands on his back and tried to wriggle free, but he clamped a strong arm around her legs. “You might be able to intimidate the poor, helpless goats, but you don’t scare me.” That realization stuck in her head for a moment, making her heart skip a beat. I’m not afraid of him. She waved to the petting zoo attendant who opened the gate and let them out…



Steam Powered Passion was my first foray into the world of Steampunk. I’ve always loved historical romance and in this genre I could also incorporate all sorts of fun things like flying ships and pirates. In this book, Tori has been abducted from her ship and is about to find out that the man she loved and believed dead, is very much alive. Her reaction is not what I or Sean expected proof that I don’t have as much control over my characters as I like to believe. J

“Hello, Tori.”

Sean expected his presence would be a bit of a shock to her. What he didn’t expect was for her to spin around and point a gun at his head. Feeling Mal’s body tense behind him, he reached back with his good hand and placed it on his lover’s thigh, hoping that Mal would

understand the message and not charge her. Mal tended to be overprotective at times, and Tori wouldn’t really shoot him. I hope.

“Where the hell did she get a gun?”

“That particular one?” Sean recognized the small, modified derringer. He spent weeks working on it so it would fit her hand and be easily hidden. “I believe I gave it to her for her sixteenth birthday.”

At the time, she was thrilled with the gift and insisted that he teach her how to use it. He taught her a lot over the years, almost as much as she taught him. But then, that was a long time ago.

“My god, Sean! What are you doing here? You’re dead.”

“No, I can assure you, I’m very much alive, and I work on this ship. Tori, I can’t believe it’s really you after all these years.” He stepped forward, and she lowered the gun a couple feet down, pointing it directly at his groin. He much preferred the idea of a head shot.

“Don’t think the history between us will prevent me from squeezing the trigger.”



This is an unedited blurb from my next book Surrounded by Fur. (It will be available from Siren Publishing on Aug 17th.) River Reynard and Lars are best friends and snip at each other like siblings and have made me laugh on more than on occasion while working on this story. When River starts to fall in love with Hugh, Boyd and Gavin McNamara, Lars takes every oppourtunity to tease her about it.

Lars stood there with a large fish in either hand looking at her like she was insane. “I called your name four times and you didn’t even blink. I thought you left and here you are staring at the door. If you wanted to leave with Gavin, I would’ve understood.”

“Are you nuts? No way. Bears are trouble, like worse than plundering Viking trouble.”

“Hey, we pillaged not plundered.” Lars mock glared at her and held up the fresh fishes. “Are you going to help me with these?”

River blinked at the massive lake trout. “Did you catch them?”

“Yup, held my hands out over the water and they jumped right in.” Lars rolled his eyes and headed out of the shop and into the back where his apartment was.

“Smart-ass.” River followed but glanced over her shoulder at the door one more time. Bears are dangerous. Something she was going to have to remind herself of a lot.

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